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Virtual Workout

Virtual Workout ~ Hypnosis Based MP3 of Exercise Visualizations

Visualizing a
                virtual workoutIf you're unable or unwilling to exercise, maybe due to injury, or lack of motivation; did you know that simply thinking about exercising can have similar benefits to actually doing it?

Most smart thinking, successful people have a secret:


By repeatedly visualizing themselves
functioning efficiently and effectively reaching their goals, they create:


You mind's memories may be either real or virtual (imagined) or a combination of the two.  So every imagined scenario creates a mental image - and every one of those images creates compounding neurological information in your mind that the imagined scenario has actually occured.  This imagined information may then create physical change!

We already know that using hypnosis to imagine a gastric band which limits stomach size and therefore food intake (similarly to an actual surgery) can create a feeling of fullness faster and contribute towards weight reduction.

So, when you repeatedly imagine doing an exercise whilst in hypnosis, then you can very probably feel actual physical effects of that visualization over time too. Virtual exercises can have real benefits!

The Connection Between Visualization and Expectation

A well known quote (usually attributed to Henry Ford, one of the 20th Century's most practical visionaries) states: "Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way, you are right."  He obviously knew the benefits of creative visualization and expectation. 

There is also a "Rule of the Mind" which states: "Whatever is expected, tends to be realized."  In other words: Mental attitude is a great influencer of physical aptitude!

The Virtual Workout MP3 Audio Program

This exciting new program cleverly combines the power of suggestion and visualisation into one simple Hypnosis MP3 audio recording.  Simply listening to it on a regular basis is designed to change your mind, which may then assist you in changing your body - should you subsequently choose to perform the excerises in reality. 

Remember that we learn best from repetition, so use it daily for better results.

7 Virtual Workout Benefits

  1. It's cheaper than a coffee and a cake ~ and so much better for you!
  2. Lie back, close your eyes, relax and listen ~ try doing that at a gym!
  3. The "personal trainer" you can take to bed!
  4. Exercise in peace & quiet ~ wearing whatever you like!
  5. The only exercise equipment you'll need ~ is in your mind!
  6. Gain or re-gain your fitness ~ whenever you choose!
  7. Comfortable concentration ~ builds muscle memory!

  The Virtual Workout Exercises ~ with Real Benefits

Woman doing crunches Man Skipping Rope Woman doing pushups Woman doing squats Man planking

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It's cheaper than a coffee and a cake
and so much better for you!

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